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City of Bellville
Streetlight Banner Program

Sponsored by Bellville Economic Development Corporation


The purpose of the Street Lightpole Banner Program is to assist in the advertisement and promotion of destinations or events that support tourism in the City of Bellville.

Approved as part of the Street Lightpole Banner Program are City of Bellville sponsored “special events” and designs promoting Bellville. The Street Lightpole Banner Program is not intended to support any political or religious beliefs or purposes primarily involving private financial gain that do not promote tourism for the City of Bellville.

All organizations wishing to participate in the program must submit an application and be approved by the Bellville Economic Development Committee (hereafter “BEDC”), or its designee, prior to installation.

The BEDC encourages events promoting various holidays and seasons throughout the year.

A calendar is maintained on a yearly basis by the BEDC so that all events, new and existing, can participate in the Street Lightpole Banner Program. New participants will have opportunity, based on availability, to choose locations throughout the city for their banners. Specific events, historically scheduled for seasons and annual times of the year will have first priority and will be pre-designated on a regular basis. City or BEDC sponsored events will have first priority on the calendar.

Should an overlap in an area or specific time period exist for new applicants for location, the BEDC will make reasonable effort to accommodate both applicants by distributing both “designs” throughout available locations, if possible.

  Banner Bellville History


Approval Process for Applicants

Organizations wishing to participate shall submit a preliminary request to the BEDC at any time during the year preceding the planned event or season but should allow adequate time for the approval process, banner production, and scheduled installation.

Once preliminary approval in writing is received by the NEW applicant they must submit TXDoT Form 2057 to the BEDC at least 30 WORKING days in advance of every instance in which they wish to have a banner displayed, even if it is an annual event. TXDot Form 2057 is available through the TXDoT website. In addition to the TXDoT Form 2057 the application must include a rendition of the graphics and text intended for banner production.

Organizations wishing to participate in the banner program may have their banners on display for a minimum of one month, limited to 10 light poles or less as approved by the BEDC. The maximum time period for any banner to be displayed is a total of two months. Additional poles may be selected for seasonal display based on availability. New applications will be reviewed by the BEDC within thirty (30) WORKING days to determine eligibility criteria. Once preliminary approved by the BEDC, the complete application including TXDoT Form 2057 will be processed through the BEDC where staff will assist you with any production questions, location selection and scheduling.

The applicant once approved does not need to reapply every year except to complete the TXDoT Form 2057 and submit to the BEDC 30 working days prior to the scheduled events. The organization is also responsible for checking the Reservation Calendar that their event is properly scheduled and listed for each upcoming period that they intend to participate.

General Information

• The City of Bellville (and including the BEDC hereafter) will not be responsible for theft or damage of banners.
• A $50.00 fee is due from a non profit organization; $100.00 from for profit organizations
  to defray the cost of mounting and removing the banners.
• The City of Bellville is not responsible for banner design, or production costs associated with banners.
  Staff will assist in initial production requirements and provide specs.
• Banners on decorative streetlight poles shall shall comply with the design criteria provided. (See design criteria).
• Banners cannot be visually distracting nor have excessive wording as to cause distractions to motorists.
  BEDC staff will review designs for appropriate design criteria and recommend any modifications
  necessary prior to production.
• Banners should be double sided and do not necessarily need to be of the same design on both sides.
• The BEDC will provide hardware for all streetlight banners provided enough hardware is currently available.
• Banners shall be installed at BEDC approved locations only. (See attached map.)
• City of Bellville Maintenance crew will install/remove banners unless other arrangements are made
  for installation in advance.
  All other installations and change outs must be performed only by approved City approved contractors.
• All banners shall be installed in compliance with any traffic control requirements and warning-device criteria
  specified by the Texas Department of Highways (TXDot).
• All streetlight banners being installed must be delivered to the City of Bellville located at Street Maintenance
  Department Supervisor in Bellville at least thirty (30) business days prior to the scheduled installation date.


Recommended Design Specifications:

Material: Poly UV Vinyl (UV optional for short-term or one-time use).
Weight: 12 oz. / tensile strength 116/100 (lbs. /inch) or substrate of equal durability.
Size: 30” inches (w) x 84” inches (h).

• Banners that are double sided and can be produced on an 160” inch piece of vinyl, doubled over and stitched
• Two stitched pockets for hardware. (Diagram of banner construction details available.)
• Grommets required at both top corners to secure banners and prevent theft.


The Reservation Calendar of Events is available from the BEDC. 
Please contact the EDC president John Moore at



a City of Bellville Streetlight Banner Application

TXDOT Form 2057 - "Application for Use of State of Texas Right of Way for Temporary Signs for Special Events"
must be attached to the Streelight Banner Application:

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